New flavors of cocoas to try, plus old favorites


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Spiced, Dark Chocolate Cocoa


Inspired by the Original home of Hot Chocolate, Oaxaca Mexico.

Most "Mexican" Style hot chocolates are made with Cayenne powder which usually means you end up with a drink that's like chocolate hot sauce. We spent a lot of time and drank SOOO much cocoa to try to get this just right. We used Mulato chilies, a verity of peppers grown for centuries in Oaxaca Mexico, which yes bring some heat but mostly works to compliment the chocolate its self. We hope you enjoy. This its quickly climbing the ranks as one of our families new favorites 

Made with Organic Raw Sugar infused with Mulato peppers, and Cinnamon

Each ounce make one 8 oz cup of hot chocolate. Just add your favorite hot Milk or Plant Based Mylk 

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar infused with Mulato chilies, Cocoa Powder, Corn Starch, Cinnamon, Salt

Not intended to be consumed raw