WORKSHOP: Growing Ginger and Turmeric in Your Home Garden

April 23, 2019

WORKSHOP: Growing Ginger and Turmeric in Your Home Garden

Join us on Saturday, June 1 from 11-12:30pm at Sow True Seed (located at: 243 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC) for a discussion led by Michael Rayburn, focused on introducing home gardeners and exotic root lovers to the tricks and lessons learned in cultivating these beloved spices in your small home garden. Topics that Michael will cover include:

  • brief overview of the historic cultivation of ginger and turmeric
  • current practices in planting and growing the rhizomes for personal use in both containers and in the ground
  • harvesting techniques

The talk will conclude with an open session for participants to discuss their favorite uses of ginger and turmeric and to share recipes. We encourage you to bring print copies of recipes to share with the group!

Tickets can be purchased on EventBrite on a sliding scale. Ticket options include:

  • Talk Only: $10
  • Talk + (2) quart-sized container starter ginger and/or turmeric plants: $20 (total value of $36).

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