Floral, (Kids Favorite) Cocoa


Kid Favorite!

We know it sounds odd Floral Hot Cocoa with Hybrid Basil Flowers what's that? But trust us its awesome and perfect for the little ones. Michael is never not breeding things and one of his favorite plants to work with is basil. He has grown hundreds of verities and species over the years. Most People are familiar with just the common Italian sweet basil, but there are so many more types out there most of them taste nothing like what your used to at all. This variety in particular is a cross of 2 species one from South Sudan and another from Pakistan/India. It honestly taste like fruity bubblegum with hints of vanilla. 

Buzz Buzz Y'all is Sweet Fruity and Fun, Created by our son Elijah it will bring a smile to your kids and maybe just maybe open the door to your inner child 

Made with Organic Raw Sugar infused with our own unique verity of basil, unlike flavored chocolates made with oils or artificial flavorings you will find small bits of botanicals in your cup, don't worry this is the basil and its fully edible but usually it will settle to the bottom once its full hydrated, much like a tea

Makes 10, 8oz cups of Cocoa compared to 6 cups from your average 10 oz. hot cocoa mix. Just add your favorite hot Milk or Plant Based Mylk 

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar infused with Hybrid Basil Flowers, Cocoa Powder, Corn Starch, Salt

Not intended to be consumed raw