Katchi, Spiced Dark Hot Cocoa DAIRY FREE

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Rich, Bold Grown Ass Hot Cocoa. Katchi is the perfect drink to relax your soul after a long day or unwind for that date night at home. Katchi uses Ginger and Cinnamon Basil to create a unique flavor profile bringing in sweet warm spices with deep rich tones of cinnamon and clove. And what is cinnamon basil you might ask, Cinnamon basil is a variety of basil from Central Mexico. It does not taste like common Italian basil at all and it really does have cinnamon in it (at least it produces the same oil as cinnamon trees, Cinnamaldehyde) 

Made with Organic Raw Sugar infused with a special blend of Fresh Ginger and Cinnamon Basil from our farm

Makes 10, 8oz cups of Cocoa compared to 6 cups from your average 10 oz. hot cocoa mix. Just add your favorite hot Milk or Plant Based Mylk 

Not intended to be consumed raw