Our Friends

When we started our farm in 2014 we started selling mainly to other makers in the greater Asheville region, We still provide Fresh and dried to products to many companies in and out of our region today. Here are links to our friends websites.

Support Small Farms By Supporting Their Buyers 

Note: for all alcoholic companies you must be 21 or older to enter their site, and we can not promise you that at all times these  companies will be featuring a product of ours, but they are the companies we sale to that most frequently.

Asheville Tea Company                               French Broad Brewing 21+            

Ginger's Revenge Brewing  21+                  Shanti Elixirs

Twin Leaf Brewery  21+                               Fermenti Foods

The Hop Ice Cream                                     Hillman Beer Co 21+

Wicked Weed Brewing 21+                         Burial Beer Co 21+

Sunshine Sammies                                      Ivory Road Cafe

Whistle Hop Brewing 21+                            Fonta Flora Brewing 21+

StayGlazed Doughnuts                                Botanist And Barrel 21+  

Hi-Wire Brewing 21+                                   French Broad Chocolate

Freville Farm                                               Riverside Rhapsody 21+ 

Eluvium Brewing 21+                                  MadCo Brewing 21+

Bhramari Brewing 21+                                 Well Seasoned Table

Zillicoah Beer Co 21+                                 Simple Juice Bar

Oak and Grist Distilling 21+                        Greenman Brewing 21+

Asheville Brewing21+                                 Highlands Brewing 21+