Baby Ginger

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General Description: 

Ginger and Turmeric are spices that are native to the warmer parts of Asia.  They are commonly used in teas, salads, soups, stir-frys, curries, and other cuisines.

We offer both of ginger and turmeric as rhizomes, or roots that have been harvested at a fresh, tender state.  So there is no need to peel the outer skin. This differs from standard fresh, ginger or turmeric commonly bought in grocery stores that requires peeling the outer skin.  Thus, cooks enjoy keeping all the ingredients’ weight that has been bought.  

Please note: Rayburn Farms' fresh, baby ginger and turmeric should be used for culinary purposes only.  We recommend storing rhizomes at room temperature in a plastic bag for up to 2 weeks.  Storing the rhizomes in the refrigerator may cause limpness.  Rhizomes may also be stored frozen and zested/grated (while frozen) into drinks and food for up to one year.

Flavor Details: 

Yellow Ginger - the hottest ginger we grow. Full flavor with a great kick; great for drinks, ice cream, and kombucha --- SOLD OUT FOR THE 2018 SEASON, available mid-September 2019

Blue Ginger - our most popular ginger; great for those not looking for spicy ginger, but a nice smooth ginger taste. Pairs nicely in pies, cookies and home brew beers. Due to its milder taste, it allows for you to get all of the complexity of the ginger experience --- SOLD OUT FOR THE 2018 SEASON, available mid-September 2019